Diovanni and Dianna’s Destination Wedding in Texas

It was late summer in Austin, Texas on September 4, 2021. Diovanni and Dianna found themselves getting ready for their wedding day in rooms adorned with stained glass windows and historic charm in the back of a cathedral. Dianna was putting on the final touches of her wedding day attire, as Diovanni took his place in the chapel, surrounded by loved ones. It was the beginning of their destination wedding in Texas.

The journey to this lovely affair began seven months prior when Divoanni and Dianna reached out to SPC Wedding & Event Mgt. The couple expressed their desire for an Austin, Texas destination wedding, and we knew exactly how to make it happen. Knowing they needed help with every aspect of the wedding planning and design process, Divoanni and Dianna selected our Full-Service Wedding Planning Gold Package.

Full-Service Wedding Planning for a Texas Destination Wedding

Because Diovanni and Dianna wanted a destination wedding in Austin, it was essential to provide them with extensive planning and design services. They didn’t live in town, so it was up to the SPC team to manage all the logistics of their wedding day, from finding the perfect venue to planning accommodations for guests to sourcing vendors and more.

Destination Wedding Venues in Texas

One of the first and most important aspects of planning a wedding is solidifying a venue. Because Diovanni and Dianna came to us just seven months before their wedding date, we knew we had to act quickly to find a ceremony and reception location available for their date and within their budget.

It used to be best practice to book your venue at least one year in advance when possible. However, due to the impact of 2020 and COVID on the wedding industry, this “best practice” has become essential. With so many rescheduled 2020 weddings taking venues and vendors in 2021, our options were sparse when it came to finding a reception location for Diovanni and Dianna’s Labor Day weekend wedding.

Additionally, because this was a destination wedding in Texas, it was also important to find a venue with lodging either on-site or close by for guests. So, how did we do it? We used our friendships with professionals in the industry and leaned on our community partnerships to solidify ideal ceremony and reception locations for Diovanni and Dianna. The ceremony was held in a cathedral about eight miles from the reception venue. And the reception took place at Austin Event Center, just one mile from the hotel.

Destination Wedding Vendors in Texas

One of the benefits of hiring a full-service wedding planning company is the industry relationships they have at their fingertips. Because of our community partnerships, we were able to secure beautiful and functional venues for Diovanni and Dianna. These partnerships also came into play when selecting Austin wedding vendors for the event. The result was a team of dedicated professionals within the couple’s budget, excited and ready to bring their most special day to life, including:

Together, we planned a Texas destination wedding to remember, within the couple’s budget, that met and exceeded their expectations.

Diovanni and Dianna’s Destination Wedding in Texas

Texas Destination Wedding Details and Design

With the venue taken care of and the vendor team assembled, the real fun began. Working with Diovanni and Dianna was a joy, as we got to learn about their wedding vision and coordinate every little detail to bring it to life. The couple knew one thing about their desired wedding style: their colors–burgundy and blush with hints of rose gold. That was enough for us to run with as we started to infuse these romantic colors into each element of the wedding. Everything for this special occasion began to come together seamlessly, from the cake to the table decor layout to the bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, dinnerware, and more.

Texas Destination Wedding Planning and Coordination

A significant part of full-service wedding planning is helping couples develop a detailed wedding budget. At SPC, we take their available amount and decide how much of it goes to each aspect of the event. We also track payments, manage due dates, and oversee a couple’s budget throughout the entire planning process. For Diovanni and Dianna, this was no different. They came to us with a number in mind, and it was essential to stay within that budget. Fortunately, hiring a wedding planner can save you money, which was confirmed in Diovanni and Dianna’s case. We were able to not only find a gorgeous venue and wonderful vendors but go above and beyond for their wedding within their budget.

It was also essential to coordinate accommodations for out-of-town guests, as this was a destination wedding in Texas, so everyone needed a place to stay. Fortunately, this service is included in our full-service wedding planning packages. We were able to find a comfortable hotel just a short walk from the wedding reception location.

As we got closer to Diovanni and Dianna’s wedding date, all aspects began falling into place. We’d visited both venue locations, designed the layout for the events, and developed a detailed wedding timeline for all contracted vendors. The wedding day itinerary and task list ensured everyone knew where they needed to be, when they needed to be there, and what they needed to be doing. For Diovanni and Dianna, that meant calming their wedding nerves and getting ready for the most special day of their lives together.

At SPC, we take care of everything leading up to and on the wedding day. Our goal is for our couples to have a stress-free wedding from start to finish. Because of this, we provide on-site coordination and supervision of all wedding events, including set-up, tear-down, and logistical management on the wedding day. With all hands on deck, Diovanni and Dianna had a wedding to remember.

Diovanni and Dianna’s Destination Wedding in Texas

A Small yet Breathtaking Destination Wedding in Texas

The SPC team enjoyed every moment of planning this memorable Austin, Texas destination wedding for Diovanni and Dianna. Everything came together for a one-of-a-kind event that was enjoyed by the couple and their guests alike. The groom’s mother had wonderful things to say about working with SPC:

“SPC Wedding was amazing! The coordinator/owner, Ruth went above and beyond to help on my son’s special day! We utilized the gold package and the service was that and more. Ruth answered my text and emails at all times of the night and mornings, whenever I would think of a question! She assisted in finding a venue and a church for us and they were both amazing. She accommodated all the last minute changes due to COVID and she encouraged me through my frustrations of last minute changes! The ceremony decorations and venue decorations were wonderful, we received many compliments from guests. Even with the few hiccups we had at the beginning due to the event center, she was able to still pull off a great event. The bartender and cake vendors she recommended did an amazing job as well! Very class act! We will definitely use her services again for any future events!”

Diovanni and Dianna’s Destination Wedding in Texas