Can a Wedding Planner Save You Money?

To hire an Austin wedding planner or not to hire an Austin wedding planner… that is the question. Not only do we have the answer, but we also have the reasons why hiring a wedding planner is the right choice when you have a budget concern or need a reality check when planning your most special day.

But can you save money when you hire a wedding planner? The answer is… “Yes!” Hiring a wedding planner, while an investment, actually ends up saving you money and making your wedding budget go even further. Here’s how:

Trusted Wedding Vendors

If your wedding planner has multiple business relationships with trusted vendors in the area, this can end up saving you money on your wedding. With so many Austin wedding vendors out there, it can be hard to know who the best for the cost is. Your wedding planner can match you to the professionals that best fit your style, expectations, and budget. This ensures you don’t overpay for your vendors! And sometimes, you may even be able to get a discounted rate because of your wedding planner’s recommendation.

Wedding Industry Tips and Tricks

When you hire an Austin wedding planner with a lot of experience, they can help you save money. With tips and tricks for how to spend your budget wisely, prioritize your spending, and save on some costs, you can use their industry knowledge to keep you from spending more than you should. The right wedding planner is a good negotiator and can help you review your vendor contracts and make sure everything looks, sounds, and costs as it should.

At SPC, this has saved many of our couples a lot of money. For example, we had one couple who secured their wedding venue before hiring SPC to manage their wedding. The client then hired a DJ and was required to pay additional fees for a stand-alone screen and projector. When we asked her to submit each contract for our review, we found that the venue package she paid for already included two large screens, a projector, and other accessories needed for the DJ. She then canceled the additional cost from the DJ and saved hundreds of dollars. This is just one example of many that shows how hiring a wedding planner saves you money.

3 Benefits of Hiring an Austin Wedding Planner

The roles and responsibilities of a wedding planner are vast. They do so many different things, some you can see and others are behind the scenes. Regardless, there are three main benefits a wedding planner brings to the table that make it worth it to work with one.

1. A Wedding Planner Brings Peace of Mind

When you invest in a wedding planner, you are investing in peace of mind. One survey found that over 70% of couples find the wedding planning experience to be stressful to extremely stressful. My thought is they probably did not have an experienced wedding planner by their side helping them throughout the entire process. Because when you do, you experience a more fun, stress-free wedding planning experience. When you hire an experienced planner who knows the area, has relationships with the best vendors in town, and loves what they do, you benefit.

2. A Wedding Planner Helps You Make and Keep Your Budget

Having a clearly defined wedding budget is essential. However, figuring out how much you plan to spend versus how much you are actually spending is a big puzzle. It requires smart planning and consistent management. The right wedding planner can help with that!

At SPC, our full-service wedding planning package includes time to discuss and set your wedding budget. We help you understand what a realistic budget is for your dream wedding and stay on track throughout the planning process, so you don’t spend more than you need. We use our industry relationships to recommend wedding professionals that match your style and budget. While not everyone sets (and sticks to) a clear and strict wedding budget, we have found that the couples who do experience a less stressful wedding planning experience. And those who work with us enjoy it even more!

3. A Wedding Planner is There for You (even when others aren’t)

A wedding planner not only provides logistical support–scheduling vendors, touring venues, coordinating, and executing the perfect wedding day–but they provide emotional support as well. This is a bonus you get when you hire an Austin wedding planner.

At SPC, we not only bring our wedding expertise to the table, but we also bring our best attitudes, most unique ideas, a listening ear, and a good time. We are your non-judgmental friend throughout the entire process. And we will never get tired of you talking about your wedding (which might not be the case for all your friends and family). From design ideas to color inspiration to helping you choose the perfect venue and must-have desserts; we make sure everything goes smoothly leading up to and on your wedding day.

How to Choose an Austin Wedding Planner

You may have noticed that we talk a lot about hiring the right wedding planner. It is only with the right wedding planner that you will experience the immeasurable benefits of your investment, including saving money on your wedding. So, how do you find the right planner for you? Research, connect, and chat!

Research wedding planners in your area. If you are looking to hire an Austin wedding planner, we would love to discuss your wedding plans with you! Connect with us here, and we will schedule a time to chat. After our call–and after any call with a potential wedding planner–we encourage you and your fiancé to ask yourselves these questions:

  • Was there a good connection?
  • Did she/he listen well to our hopes and dreams for our wedding?
  • Are we confident she/he will work within our budget?

If the answer is “Yes!” that is great. We cannot wait to work with you and help you plan your dream wedding!