Full Service Wedding Planning

Our full service wedding planning package offers creative event design and innovative planning concept before the wedding and a complete execution and coordination on the day of wedding.

Below are some of the services we will provide for this service package.

  • We will research and provide consultation towards the selection of an ideal venue
  • We will be by your side from start to finish (aka your new bestie) and integral in the planning process.
  • We will create a personalized budget and help you stay on track with your wedding expenditures.
  • We will research wedding professionals in each category that fits your style and budget.
  • We will create, discuss and implement your theme, color, style and complete wedding design
  • You get to be as involved as much (or as little) as you want
  • We will provide insight and knowledge throughout the planning process
  • We will coordinate your wedding rehearsals
  • We will create and distribute a detailed wedding itinerary, floor layout and task list for your contracted professionals.
  • We will coordinate hotel booking and transportation for out of town guest.
  • We will provide on-site coordination and supervision of wedding ceremony and reception.
  • We will get involved up to 12 months prior to your wedding day to design, plan and coordinate your wedding.

Continue reading to discover why you just shouldn’t tie the knot without getting a professional to handle things

We will help with choosing an ideal Invitation

Without invitations, people won’t have a clue about your special event. Whether you are into a vintage look or like things that have a thoroughly modern style, find invitations that reflects your personality. Invitations are important because they tell people about the event, such as when it will take place, the venue, and when to RSVP. The invitations also might include photographs of the bride, meaningful phrases, or cool themes. Realize that invitations help set the tone for the event overall, so you don’t want to rush when choosing a type of invitation or adding content. Sending a Save the date prior to sending the invitation is a perfect way to let your friends and loved one reserve this date for your special event, At SPC Wedding & Event Mgt, we have creative graphic ideas for your Save the date, invitations and wedding suite.

We’ll take care of the tricky stuff

When visiting event sites or deciding on the perfect venue for your event, there are some crucial questions that needs to be asked and are not outlined in the contract due to different objectives for choosing a particular venue, we provide a list of comprehensive questionnaire to take with you to your venue search if you decide to visit some venues at your free time. In other cases, people don’t realize how much time and energy is necessary for successful events. They might try to handle party planning, plus other things, and get overwhelmed.

Venue dimensions, housekeeping concerns, health and safety factors, and sound and lighting equipment all deserve attention. There’s no need to struggle and feel you’re in over your head. Managing events is our specialty. Let us work on your behalf and take care of all the major and minor details. We have years of experience planning gatherings and have accumulated many resources we’d love to use for your benefit.

We will provide experienced wedding planning service

Social media makes it easier than ever to reach out to friends and get their advice about wedding planning. However, even if all the respondents have good intentions, it’s hard to know whether the insight you’re given is worthwhile. Because SPC Wedding & Event Mgt has built a solid reputation, and we care about our couple’s satisfaction, you can feel confident that when we give you advice, it’s genuinely a trustworthy information.

Another thing about social media is that information spreads extremely quickly across the various channels, and especially when people give feedback about a wedding planner they hired or how a company handled their needs overall. We know that social media plays a big role in solidifying our reputation, and we’ll make sure you’ll only have good things to say about your experience after doing business with us.

We will be professional organizer for your wedding plans

Maybe your wedding style is luxury or simple or rustic or on the beach, Or do you want to elope and enjoy your wedding vows solemnly or Maybe you just want a Pop Up wedding where we provide all elements of your wedding including venue and you just show up, you name it, we know there are many reasons people choose how they want to celebrate their union, we can assist with the planning involved with all of them. If you decide to let us take care of the logistics and assess your ideas, it’ll be easier to sit back and have fun with all your guests once the big day arrives.

Let Us be Your New Bestie

From "I said yes" to “I do”, we will be by your side offering step by step professional advice, Contact us for your customized quote.

A Smart Investment for Your Wedding

Call SPC Wedding & Event Mgt to schedule your complimentary one on one consultation.

Due to the Pandemic, we are feeling the BIG BLOWS of Wedding and Event Postponement. We will continue to work with you at all times to support your date changes and event needs.

Future Weddings and Events.

Please understand that we are giving our postponed weddings and events priority over new ones. As soon as you have made a firm decision about your event date, Please contact us to complete our retainer process, this will guarantee your special day in our calendar. We are offering discounts and payment plans for future weddings and events booked in 2020.

Postponed Weddings and Events.

We are recommending new game plans if situations does not turn around by specific dates and are closely monitoring all event related to COVID-19.

Upcoming Micro Weddings and Events.

We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure we all remain safe and are offering virtual meetings. We wish everyone health, safety, and a quick return to business during this unprecedented time.