The Quinceanera tradition is a coming-of-age event to celebrate a girl’s transition into adulthood. It is the Spanish word for a girl who is 15 years old. Among Latinos in the United States, quinseaneras are very important celebration to mark a girl’s transition from childhood to adulthood or womanhood.

One of the most important elements of a quinceanera is the Corte de honor, this is traditionally made up of 14 girls – damas and 14 boys – chambelanes, these are young people who are usually friends and family and will perform a waltz during the celebration.

Like the milestone markers of birth, baptism and confirmation, the quinceanera gives thanks to God. Spiritual reverence is important for some families planning this event. They also have the duty to assist with financial costs of the event alongside the godparents and other special friends and family members.


What will SPC Wedding & Event Mgt Quinceanera party planners do?

These and many more are what services you will expect from us when you hire us.

We will Handle technical details.

Our team will handle all major technical details like scheduling a venue, arranging vendors and making sure every aspect of your day is special.

We will Offer smart suggestions

We will provide time saving and often budget friendly suggestion for your party based on what worked well with previous client’s quinceanera celebrations. While you still make final decisions on such things as yours dress and color scheme, your quinceanera theme and party favors, our professional planner will ask questions about your overall preference and help you narrow down choices based on your personal taste that will help you stay within your budget.

We will Recommend Vendors

We have a short list of tried and tested vendors that will give you a better rate if you hire them through us, this can be valuable if you are not familiar with who is who in the event industry that can meet your specific event needs.

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