Successful Fundraising Events at SPC Wedding & Event Management

Planning a fundraiser is not always easy. From logistics to a handpicked guest list, there’s a lot to plan. SPC Wedding & Event Management will work with you to plan and organize every aspect of the event to ensure your company, organization or cause achieves its goal. Here’s how our services will help your company pull off a successful fundraiser.

We love Planning and Strategizing

SPC Wedding & Event Management doesn’t just take a brief and run with it. Our experienced event coordinators can do more than just implement ideas. He or she is there from the start getting to grips with your objectives for the event, brainstorming various fundraising ideas, and giving input about the strategy and fundraising plan.

Once our event coordinator has agreed on the concept and budget with your fundraising team, we’ll put it into action. We organize and manage:


SPC Wedding & Event Management will source a suitable venue, catering company, entertainment, photography and videography service, sound system, and any other technical services and equipment. We’ll oversee the setup at the event and make sure that everything runs smoothly.


Sponsors are key to keeping event costs low, and they help to significantly increase the amount raised. We’ll work with you to put a list of suitable sponsors together and approach them to come on board. By the time we’re done working our magic, they’ll find it hard to say no to supporting your fundraising event.

Volunteers and Staff

We’ll round up a group of volunteers and staff to help at the event, including setup staff, parking attendants, wait staff, security staff, bartenders, and a master of ceremonies.


Deciding on a guest list is one of the most crucial elements of the fundraising plan. These are the people you want buying tickets, sponsoring tables, and donating generously during the event. We work closely with your fundraising team to carefully select the right guests.

Special Programs or Activities

Fundraising events often include things like award and prize giving ceremonies, auctions, raffles, prize draws, and goodie bags handed to guests. This aspect takes a significant amount of time to arrange and can require many hands to complete. SPC Wedding & Event Management saves you time and energy by taking on the laborious task of filling up goodie bags, securing prizes, or creating several personalized award certificates or trophies.

Why Hire SPC Wedding & Event Mgt to Organize Your Fundraising Event?

  • We will provide our best event planning to you..
  • We have a large network to draw on. We’ve planned hundreds of events and, in the process, built a sizeable network of service providers, vendors, and suppliers. Whatever you need doing, we’ll find the best person to do it.
  • We simply love a good cause! Fundraising is something we take seriously, especially if the proceeds go towards helping the community.

Call Us for Help with Your Fundraiser

SPC Wedding & Event Management is the company to turn to for all your corporate event planning needs.. Corporate fundraising is particularly important to execute successfully. Don’t risk holding a mediocre fundraiser and disappointing your beneficiaries. Contact us and let’s start planning a winning fundraiser.

Due to the Pandemic and CDC Guidelines for Social Distancing, We are feeling the BIG BLOWS of Wedding and Event Postponement.

To Our Brides-to-be and Clients, please be calm and try everything you can to remain healthy and corona virus-free, We want to assure you that we will continue to work with you at all times to support all your date changes and event needs.

For our upcoming micro weddings and events.
We have added necessary hygiene items to our emergency kit, items like disposable face masks, mini hand sanitizers, temperature monitor, gloves etc.
We have cancelled all our physical one on one event planning consultation and replaced them with virtual meetings.
We have and will continue to constantly work with our client’s preferred venues, rental companies and event professionals in accommodating their safety preventive measures and sanitation procedures.

For our postponed weddings and events.
We are recommending new game plans if this issues does not turn around by specific dates.
We are communicating new date changes to our clients guests, hired vendors and event professionals.
We are loosening up on our cancellation fees for future bookings throughout 2020.
We are closely monitoring all event related to COVID-19 and are taking all necessary precautions to ensure we all remain safe.

To Our Leads, Future Brides-to-be and Clients, please understand that since we currently do not take 2 events in a day, we are giving our postponed weddings and events priority over new ones.
Our recommendation however is that as soon as you have made a firm decision about your event date, you are in the best position to call us at 512-251-1772 to complete our contract and retainer planning phase.
This will retain your date in our calendar and guarantee our professional planning services for your special day, This is the Peace of Mind we offer
We are offering discounts, promotional added services and payment plans for future weddings and events booked in 2020.

We are wishing everyone health, safety, and a quick return to business during this unprecedented time.

Ruth Bajimi
Chief Executive Officer
SPC Wedding & Event Mgt