The Creative Mind behind the Brand

Ruth Bajimi
Advanced Diploma in Special Event Planning and Design
B.SC in Business Administration.

My Background

Hi Bestie!

Ready to dive into the world of events with me?

I am your go-to gal for all things event-related with 10+ years of experience in the wedding and event service industry. I am an energetic, multi-talented entrepreneur with a knack for turning dreams into reality.

Graduating with a BSc in Business Administration back in 2004 was just the beginning of my journey. Fast forward to 2015, I sharpened my skills at the Business Training Institute, becoming a Certified Event Management Expert (CEME). I am also a certified wedding and event professional, with an Advanced Diploma in Special Event Planning and Design from the North American Academy of Wedding & Event Planning. I have been a member of the International Live Events Association (ILEA) since 2018, staying connected with the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

So, buckle up and get ready for an adventure in event planning like never before.

Certified Wedding and Event Planner PEF Badge Certification

ILEA Member


My Journey

How It all began.

My journey into event planning began in 2007 when I served as an Event Coordinator for a DMC (Destination Management Company), managing Commercial Trade Shows and Expos in the United States. Anchored by the US Commercial Service of the U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Nigeria, I organized up to 15 trade shows annually, welcoming over 50 CEOs and Top Managers per show from various industries to attend conferences in the US. These included prestigious events such as the International Franchise Expo, IFMA World Workplace, International Workboat Show, Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), and more. In 2011, fueled by my passion, I decided to transform my hobby of wedding and event planning into a business. With the unwavering support of my husband, we established my Event Management Company, "Steady Point Concept." In 2012, my family and I relocated from Nigeria to the United States of America, marking a new chapter in my journey.

My Expertise

Driven by a deep passion for creating unforgettable events, I specialize in comprehensive event design and seamless coordination to ensure stress-free celebrations filled with lasting memories. With a focus on wedding and corporate event production, design and logistics management, I've dedicated most of my adult life to honing these skills and acquiring relevant education.
Drawing from a diverse professional background, including roles as a Graphic Designer, Administrative Lead, Travel Consultant, Project Coordinator, and Event Planner, I've cultivated versatility and adaptability essential for success in this industry. Having experienced three major relocations within four years - from Nigeria to Pennsylvania and now Texas - I've learned the importance of cultural sensitivity in event planning and navigating new environments.
My multicultural exposure has shaped me into a resilient, creative, and adaptive individual, qualities that positively impact my interactions with clients and vendors. I firmly believe that weddings should authentically reflect the couple's personalities and bond, and I take pride in serving as their advocate throughout the planning process.
Throughout the journey, my clients enjoys peace of mind, knowing that I am fully committed to bringing their vision to life, offering guidance in critical decision-making, and ensuring that their wedding or event day unfolds smoothly and joyfully.

Other Interests and Passions

In addition to event planning, I find immense joy in supporting and mentoring children, nurturing their growth and development to the best of my abilities. Since 2016, I've been actively involved as a mentor with Seedling, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing mentorship programs for children with incarcerated and deported parents. Planting seeds of hope in these young hearts is my way of giving back to the community and realizing my dreams of making a positive impact.
Another passion of mine is dancing—I'm an unabashed dance enthusiast! Incorporating my choreographic skills into event planning allows me to orchestrate various elements seamlessly, creating a harmonious symphony that contributes to the success of every event.

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