Birthday Party Planning

Are you planning a birthday party? With so many party options and ideas available, use SPC Wedding & Event Management’s experienced party planners to throw the best bash! Find out what kind of parties we plan and how we can help with your upcoming birthday.

How our Birthday Party Planners can Help

SPC Wedding & Event Management offers a variety of party planning services, from day-of help to fullservice party planning. Let us help you from start to finish, from budgeting to balloons.

We will help develop your Party Decorations

One of the essential elements of party supplies is party decorations. If you’ve got decor in mind, we can help you develop it into a full-blown showcase. No idea where to start? No problem. We know what’ll make kids and adults happy, what’s best for an octogenarian’s party, and everything in between. From balloons to centerpieces, you’ll be inspired.

We will offer Themed Party Ideas

Theme parties are a fantastic way for adults and kids alike to have fun. Base your bash on a favorite movie, a decade dance party, or a well-known travel destination. Want to add costumes or favors to the mix? No problem. We can connect you with vendors to supply the perfect food, too.

We Know Some Awesome Birthday Party Places

Who wants to have a birthday party in their own home? That’s a lot of prep and cleanup most people don’t have time for. We can suggest the perfect venue or help you choose from a list of our favorites. If you’re planning an adult birthday, don’t be too quick to write off locations kids like. Some of the best birthdays for all ages involve laser tag or disc golf.

We Will Give You Amazing Cake Ideas

What is a birthday party without a cake? Fun writing and funky candles will make kids smile. Delicious artisan cakes from local bakers are sure to please adults. Trust SPC Wedding and Event Mgt to come up with a customized design for your birthday cake.

We Are Pros With Kids Birthday Parties

There’s something special about seeing a kid’s eyes light up during a fabulous birthday party. We pay special attention to what kids like and recognize all kids are different. Colorful balloons, movie themes, favorite sports teams, and more are all things kids love.

Types of Party Planning we provide for a Birthday Party?

Some birthday parties are easy to plan, while others take some dedication. Tell us about the party you envision, your budget, and your party planning needs. We’ll hook you up with the best option for whatever you have planned.

Planning Only

Do you just need help getting decorations and choosing a cake? Opt for our birthday planning only service where we will help with the details but won’t be there on the big day.

Full Service Party Packages

Need something quick and easy? Try a party package with a variety of themes and prices.

A party package is perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time or who is low on ideas. Our party packages give you the works, from the transportation to the drinks to the destination. We’ll even help you collect everyone’s money. If you choose this option, you will get a full-service party planning where we will hammer out every detail and help the event go off without any hitch. And you? Just be willing to spend the money and see how it ease your mind.

Individual Assistance

Got some ideas, but need help with execution? Get a personal help from our party planner. When you’re making an out-of-the-box plan or you need to add a little extra, you need to get a personalized attention and consultation.

Call for the Best Birthday Party Planners in Austin

At SPC Wedding & Event Mgt, our goal is to throw you the best birthday party ever. Give us a call to find out exactly how we can help.

Due to the Pandemic and CDC Guidelines for Social Distancing, We are feeling the BIG BLOWS of Wedding and Event Postponement.

To Our Brides-to-be and Clients, please be calm and try everything you can to remain healthy and corona virus-free, We want to assure you that we will continue to work with you at all times to support all your date changes and event needs.

For our upcoming micro weddings and events.
We have added necessary hygiene items to our emergency kit, items like disposable face masks, mini hand sanitizers, temperature monitor, gloves etc.
We have cancelled all our physical one on one event planning consultation and replaced them with virtual meetings.
We have and will continue to constantly work with our client’s preferred venues, rental companies and event professionals in accommodating their safety preventive measures and sanitation procedures.

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Our recommendation however is that as soon as you have made a firm decision about your event date, you are in the best position to call us at 512-251-1772 to complete our contract and retainer planning phase.
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We are wishing everyone health, safety, and a quick return to business during this unprecedented time.

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