Full Service Wedding Planning

What’s the secret to a wedding where people get hitched without a hitch? Hiring a wedding planner, of course. Continue reading to discover why you just shouldn’t tie the knot without getting a professional to handle things.

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Partial Service Wedding Planning

Perhaps you might have lots of ideas already or might just need help with dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, Learn More about what hiring an SPC Wedding & Event Mgt wedding day coordinator will do.

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Multi-cultural Wedding

Are you an African in Diaspora who wants to honor your roots? Are you engaged to a Nigerian, Liberian, Ghanaian, South African or Jamaican and would want a traditional wedding. Learn more to see why you should hire SPC Wedding & Event Mgt for your event design and coordination.

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Wedding Proposal Engagement Parties

Although some couples date for several years before one person pops the question, others get engaged very quickly because they know there’s no use delaying the inevitable. No matter which category you’re in, depend on our team at SPC Wedding & Event Mgt once you’re ready to celebrate your union.

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Bridal Showers

Looking for some memorable bridal shower ideas? Contact us at SPC Wedding & Event Mgt to find out how we can help. Our tips will give you a strong start.

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Bachelor Parties

It’s your best friend’s special night. Soon he or she will be married, and you want to send them off into that new life in style. Throw a stag party or a bachelorette fete with planning help from SPC Wedding & Event Mgt.

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Vow Renewal

The heartfelt exchange of wedding vows is often the most memorable part of a marriage ceremony. It symbolizes the clear commitment of two people who want to share their lives together. However, people don’t just exchange vows only on wedding days.

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Depend On Us for Your Next Event

Once there’s a basic idea in your head for an upcoming event, you’re in a great position to contact us. Call us at SPC Wedding & Event Mgt and let us bring your vision to life.

Due to the Pandemic, we are feeling the BIG BLOWS of Wedding and Event Postponement. We will continue to work with you at all times to support your date changes and event needs.

Future Weddings and Events.

Please understand that we are giving our postponed weddings and events priority over new ones. As soon as you have made a firm decision about your event date, Please contact us to complete our retainer process, this will guarantee your special day in our calendar. We are offering discounts and payment plans for future weddings and events booked in 2020.

Postponed Weddings and Events.

We are recommending new game plans if situations does not turn around by specific dates and are closely monitoring all event related to COVID-19.

Upcoming Micro Weddings and Events.

We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure we all remain safe and are offering virtual meetings. We wish everyone health, safety, and a quick return to business during this unprecedented time.