Your Wedding and the COVID-19 Vaccine: What You Need to Know

It’s no secret that the wedding industry was one of the hardest-hit throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. And while 2021 is bringing some reprieve, there are still many things to navigate, such as your wedding and the COVID-19 vaccine. As a couple marrying in 2021 and beyond, you probably feel relieved, excited, and a little confused about what the coronavirus vaccine means for your wedding day. Are they required for guests? Can you now have a larger wedding? What if some family members still don’t feel comfortable traveling? Read on to learn what to expect now that the vaccine is distributed, as well as how to navigate your wedding and the COVID-19 vaccine, guest invites, expectations, etiquette, and more.

Communication is Key Leading Up to Your Wedding

Just as it was throughout 2020 and into 2021, communication with your guests and wedding vendors is key. Until the majority of the population is vaccinated, some (if not all) of your guests will want to stay up to date on health and safety regulations as they relate to your wedding day. While it isn’t your responsibility to share every news article or safety update, it is a nice gesture to keep your wedding website updated with how you are responding to the coronavirus challenges.

For example, if you plan on asking all of your guests to either be vaccinated or test negative for COVID before attending your wedding, your wedding website is the right place to let people know this. Keeping your wedding website updated with the latest COVID information is also helpful for out-of-town guests whose state regulations may be different from yours.

Outdoor Weddings Continue to be the First Choice

Even with more and more people getting the COVID-19 vaccine, outdoor weddings are still the first–and safest–choice for couples. The CDC still recommends avoiding large events and gatherings where people from multiple households come together. However, they also state that outdoor gatherings are the safer option, which is why many couples are continuing to opt for an outdoor venue. Nevertheless, it is important to design a socially distanced celebration even if your wedding is outdoors.

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Couples are Starting to Expand their Guest List

The distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is increasing hope and optimism that by Fall 2021, weddings will be back to normal, allowing for a larger guest list. In fact, at SPC, we’ve already had couples contact us about their late-2021 weddings to discuss increasing the guest count. While the vaccine definitely does cause a light to shine at the end of a tunnel, it is important to plan in accordance with the health and safety regulations and not get too far ahead of them.

If you do increase your guest count, it’s important to let all of your vendors, like your caterer and wedding planner, know right away. Many arrangements must be made when you alter a guest list, such as ensuring there is enough seating and food for everyone and enough event space to accommodate social distancing.

Safety Precautions Should Remain in Place

Even though you and many of your guests and vendors may be vaccinated for your wedding, it’s important to continue using safe wedding precautions, such as:

  • ● Practicing social distancing at all times
  • ● Wearing face coverings
  • ● Having hand sanitizer and face masks readily available
  • ● Live streaming your wedding to keep gatherings small and include guests who cannot attend for safety reasons
  • ● Designing a socially distanced gathering, such as space between seating arrangements and plated dinners rather than buffet-style meals
  • ● Planning a shorter, smaller celebration to reduce the risk of spreading the virus

Remember, even if you plan a smaller, more intimate celebration now, it does not mean you can’t have a large gathering once all of the COVID restrictions are lifted. There are unique and creative ways to ensure the health and safety of you, your family, friends, and wedding vendors while still having a special day to remember.

Wedding Planner, Party Planner and Event Planner

Your Wedding Planner is Your Most Valuable Asset

If you feel overwhelmed by how to deal with your wedding and the COVID-19 vaccine, that’s ok. It’s a lot to take on, which is why having a wedding planner is more important than ever. At SPC, we stay up-to-date on all of the COVID guidelines that may impact your wedding. Plus, when it comes to difficult tasks such as designing seating arrangements that make all of your guests comfortable or keeping your wedding vendors informed about any changes, we can help.

At SPC, we will still continue to adhere to health and safety precautions as we help you plan the wedding of your dreams. If you would like wedding planning assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, let us help! We offer a variety of services to meet your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more!