Traditional and Unique Wedding Venue Ideas for Your Texas Wedding

Everyone talks about how wedding planning can be stressful. But what about your actual wedding day? From the butterflies in your stomach to the hope that everything comes together as you’ve planned, it can be a nerve-racking day. To enjoy the experience to its fullest, you can lean on your wedding planner and bridal party to help you have a stress free wedding. Read on for our best wedding day advice for couples!

3 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

Imagine this: it’s finally here… your most special day… and you are stressed out to the max. How are you supposed to enjoy getting married when your mind is elsewhere? Don’t let this be your experience! Instead, follow our wedding day advice to have a stress free wedding.

1. If You Haven’t Already, Hire a Wedding Planner

Most couples opt to hire a full-service wedding planner to be with them from the beginning. Full-service packages not only include everything leading up to the wedding but day-of coordination as well. If you plan your wedding by yourself, you still need a planner for month-of, week-of, and day-of coordination to ensure everything you planned goes off without a hitch. The last thing you want is to be running around in your wedding dress trying to help the caterer set up or the band get situated. Your wedding planner is there to help you with those things and so much more.

The more responsibility you have on your wedding day–and the month leading up to it–the more stressful your wedding will be. To avoid this, opt for partial-service wedding planning to ensure you have someone to manage the event on the day of.

Traditional and Unique Wedding Venue Ideas for Your Texas Wedding

2. Lean on Your Loved Ones and Wedding Party

Multiple people play a role in ensuring a stress free wedding, starting with your wedding planner and other hired professionals. The other people include the couple, your families, and your wedding party. Too often, brides carry too much weight and responsibilities on their shoulders when they don’t have to. You can share these vital wedding day responsibilities with your loved ones who are eager and willing to help. In fact, if you want a stress free wedding, it’s essential that you do, to avoid frustration, mood swings, and overwhelm.

So, what type of responsibilities can you pass on to others? Here is our wedding day advice:

The Groom: Ask the groom to take responsibility for his groomsmen (ensuring they are where they need to be when they need to be there), the music (that it’s set up and ready to go), and budget spreadsheets (including having all payments and tips sorted before the wedding).

The Maid/Matron of Honor: Your maid of honor has likely been involved with the wedding planning process from the beginning, helping plan the bachelorette party and attending dress fittings. On the day of your wedding, her support continues by offering emotional support, bustling your gown, taking your bouquet off your hands, helping with your veil, and anything else you need to stay stress free.

Best Man: The best man has also been involved in planning early on, likely coordinating the bachelor party. On the wedding day, ask the best man to hold onto your wedding rings until they’re needed and assist with reception speeches, including knowing the order, passing the microphone, and giving his speech as well.

Bridesmaids: While your MOH is your right-hand woman, your bridesmaids are her support. Anything she needs help with, your bridesmaids do, like assisting the littlest members of the bridal party down the aisle.

Groomsmen: These gentlemen help the groom get ready, but they can also be tasked with some logistics, like ensuring the drinks arrive and are set up early so guests can enjoy some while waiting for the ceremony to start.

Remember, your bridal party and families are there to make this day marvelous, so use the helping hands at your disposal to ensure a stress free wedding.

Traditional and Unique Wedding Venue Ideas for Your Texas Wedding

3. Plan a Plan B

No matter how perfectly everything is planned, challenges may still arise on your wedding day. It’s important to be prepared for the most common wedding mishaps so you can manage them quickly and efficiently. Of course, if you have a wedding planner on your team, they’ll be the ones ensuring everything is taken care of. But if you’re doing it on your own, consider these common occurrences and plan to have a Plan B.

Inclement Weather: This is one of the most common wedding disruptions most couples experience, whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding venue. If your wedding takes place during a cold or rainy season, make sure to have umbrellas on hand to help guests stay dry while walking from their car or the ceremony to the reception area. (You can task the groomsmen with helping guests inside!) For an outdoor wedding, consider having an indoor space on-deck or renting a tent to protect your guests from the cold, wind, or rain.

Uninvited Guests: Whether someone brings a plus-one even though it wasn’t offered on their invitation or your parents invite their friends who you don’t even know, chances are there will be some unexpected faces at your wedding. To plan for this, consider purchasing a few extra dinner plates and, so long as you feel comfortable, do your best to accommodate all guests to avoid any stress or drama.

Rambunctious Children: If your wedding is open to little ones, be prepared to hear some laughing, crying, and possibly even screaming during your wedding ceremony. The best way to not stress about it is to expect it. Or, to avoid this stressor altogether, opt for a child-free wedding.

Plan a Stress Free Wedding with SPC Wedding & Event Management

Weddings look perfect on the wedding day, but guess what? A successful, stress free wedding is a result of many months of planning and replanning. It comes together perfectly because of the many creative professionals on board. To ensure your day is as wonderful and enjoyable as possible, hire a wedding planner sooner rather than later. At SPC, we offer multiple wedding planning services to meet you where you are in the planning process. Learn more about our packages here. Then, contact us today if you’re ready for the wedding day weight to be lifted off of your shoulders.