Where to Get Married in Texas? 6 Cities for Your Celebration

Where to Get Married in Texas? 6 Cities for Your Celebration

Are you trying to decide where to get married in Texas? You’ve come to the right place! With so many cities and attractions in the state, finding the best location for your big day can be challenging. Whether you’re a Texas native or planning a destination wedding, the Lone Star State is full of incredible venues, enticing attractions, and some of the best food in the US. So if you’re sold on a Texas wedding but are unsure where to start, read on to learn where to get married in Texas.

Where to Get Married in Texas?

Thanks to its bustling cities, rich with live entertainment, incredible food, and classic southern charm, Texas has become a popular wedding destination over the years. While its summers are hot, Texas has many fantastic options for cooling down in the heat. You can visit natural springs, lakes, intriguing museums, and indoor entertainment spaces. Trust us, a wedding in Texas will provide countless attractions and entertainment for your guests, as well as beautiful wedding venues and excellent vendor services for your big day. But being the second largest state in the US, it may feel challenging to decide where to get married in Texas. Fortunately, we have done the research for you! Here are the top six wedding destinations in the Lone Star State to choose the best place for your Texas wedding.

1. Austin, Texas

When thinking about where to get married in Texas, Austin is often the first location that comes to mind–and for a good reason! This versatile and beautiful city is full of exciting attractions and a wonderful selection of wedding venues and vendors. Austin, TX has a “city meets country” vibe, which truly accommodates any and every visitor. This up-and-coming city is rich with live music, great nightlife, and some of the best restaurants in Texas. With so much variety in venues and attractions, Austin can accommodate a wide range of wedding budgets. And at SPC, we can help you find the best venue and vendors to accommodate your dream Austin, Texas wedding!

2. Houston, Texas

Houston, TX comes in second place to Austin when deciding where to get married in Texas. While the city is quite spread out, it still has much to offer. You can find quality hotels to host your wedding-goers, museums and great food options throughout the city, and springs to cool off in during the summer heat. The city also has a great selection of venues and vendors. And because it’s a little less pricey, you may be able to get more for your money than you would in other big Texas cities.

3. Dallas, Texas

This well-known city may also be a great option as you choose where to get married in Texas. Dallas is known for its massive Arts District–the biggest in the country–and its amazing food. While the city is busy, there are many attractions for guests and incredible entertainment opportunities. Home to many unique wedding venues and vendors, couples have a variety of services to choose from when planning their big day. While Dallas, like most of Texas, is quite hot in the summer, the spring, fall, and winter are ideal months for hosting a beautiful indoor-outdoor wedding.

4. San Antonio, Texas

Also known as Alamo City, San Antonio, TX is filled with historical landmarks and natural beauty. If you are looking for a wedding destination rich in history and natural wonders, look no further. This smaller city may not have quite the same nightlife as bigger Texas cities. However, there are lovely sites for guests to explore and beautiful venues for couples to choose from. Another perk of San Antonio is the weather. The summers still bring that Texan heat. But it tends to have some of the coolest weather in the state, making the option of an outdoor summer wedding more enjoyable.

5. Corpus Christi, Texas

This coastal city is a great option for couples deciding where to get married in Texas! Ocean lovers will adore this Texas wedding location with its many beautiful beach parks and fun water activities. Since Corpus Christi has a lower cost of living than other big cities in Texas, the cost of wedding services like venues and vendors are typically more affordable as well. Known for its incredible seafood, this coastal city will have you and your guests happy and full at all times. And while it can get quite windy at times, the options for a breezy beach wedding are endless in Corpus Christi, TX.

6. Fort Worth, Texas

If you are looking for a genuinely Texan wedding experience, Fort Worth, TX is definitely the place for you to get married. This city fully embodies the southern charm and cowboy roots of Texas. Known for being home to the oldest stock show and rodeo in the US, this country city can create a great environment for a classic Texan wedding. Fort Worth is more casual than bigger cities like Dallas, which means there is less traffic, and it is much easier to navigate. With many golf courses and beautiful parks, there is plenty for wedding guests to do while in the area. So if you’re still deciding where to get married in Texas, consider this cowboy city for your big day.

Plan the Ultimate Wedding Celebration in Austin, Texas with SPC

While there are many wonderful locations for a Texas wedding, the six we’ve mentioned are definitely equipped with the best vendors and venues in the state. Putting Austin, TX as our number one location for where to get married in Texas, we are confident that the city has the best amenities to accommodate any wedding style, vibe, and ambiance. If you’re ready to start planning your wedding in Austin, TX, get in touch with SPC Weddings and Event Management! We have hired the most incredible wedding planners in the state who are knowledgeable about the area and have connections with some of the best local vendors. At SPC, we are committed to making your dream Texas wedding a reality–book with us today!