Things to Do in Austin, Texas for Your Wedding Guests to Enjoy

Things to Do in Austin, Texas for Your Wedding Guests to Enjoy

Whether you’re a local Texan or planning an unforgettable destination wedding in Austin, TX, it’s important to consider your guests’ experience. While the main reason for their trip to Texas is to celebrate your marriage, they’ll likely have some downtime. Fortunately, there are so many things to do in Austin that will keep your guests occupied during their stay. If you need help organizing your activities list or want to ensure you give the best suggestions to your guests, this blog is for you! Read on for the top activities, attractions, and sights to see in Austin, Texas your wedding guests will love.

7 Things to Do in Austin Your Wedding Guests Won’t Want to Miss

Planning things for your guests to do in Austin during your wedding weekend is an essential part of curating an exceptional guest experience. When planning your wedding itinerary, it’s important to provide activities and entertainment for guests coming from out of town or those who aren’t invited to all wedding events. If you’re having a multi-day wedding, a list of things to do in Austin, Texas is essential. By providing a curated itinerary or a list of things to do on your wedding website, you can ensure your guests have easy access to entertainment during their stay. So without further ado, here are the top seven things to do in Austin that your guests definitely won’t want to miss.

1. Visit The Contemporary Austin

The Contemporary Austin boasts two venues with vastly different experiences. At the Jones Center, you will be in awe of the rotating exhibit, which showcases art from floor to ceiling, creating a truly jaw-dropping experience. When you visit the Laguna Gloria location, you’ll be met with beautiful gardens to stroll through as you view the art scattered throughout. Both sites are family-friendly and provide a unique look into Austin’s incredible art scene.

2. Watch the Sunset on Mount Bonnell

This incredible viewpoint is the highest point in Austin, standing 775 feet above sea level. It’s a popular tourist destination and provides incredible views of the city below. It overlooks beautiful Lake Austin and the surrounding hills and is a great place to end the day and watch the sun go down.

3. Check out Allen’s Boots

If you’re looking for an authentic Texas experience, look no further than Allen’s Boots. This extremely popular store has been making boots for decades, and that strong leather aroma will hit you as soon as you walk in the door. Spend an afternoon checking out the beautiful designs or even trying on a few pairs yourself.

Things to Do in Austin, Texas for Your Wedding Guests to Enjoy

4. Visit the Barton Springs Municipal Pools in Zilker Park

This natural spring-fed swimming pool is a must-do on a warm Austin day! Located in the beautiful Zilker Park, home to many wonderful trails and shaded lawns, Barton Springs is a popular place to spend the day relaxing and enjoying the water. Show off your skills on the moss-covered diving board, or grab a float and chill on the water. Either way, you’ll be able to beat the heat of the hottest Austin days.

5. Take a Stroll on Rainey Street

This area may look like your typical suburban road as you drive by, but as you walk the streets, you’ll find the area is bustling with life. Whether you're looking to have a lovely afternoon with the kids or spend the evening drinking and listening to live music with friends, Rainey Street has you covered. As you peruse the area, you’ll find a variety of food trucks, bars, and quirky venues to check out.

6. Participate in a Keep Austin Weird Scavenger Hunt

This unique experience is one of the best ways to tour Austin and see all the special and secret spots that make the city so great. With various scavenger hunts to choose from and a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, this event is great for all ages! Spend two hours roaming around the city, searching for clues, and learning secrets only the locals know.

7. Grab Lunch at Franklin BBQ

The most popular tourist attraction when it comes to food in Austin is Franklin BBQ. But only go if you have time to spare because a 2+ hour line often accompanies this popular spot! While the wait may be long, the brisket is worth it. Many tourists and locals alike rave about their experience at Franklin BBQ, but if you aren’t willing to wait, there are other fantastic BBQ spots nearby.

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