The Difference Between an Onsite Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Planner

Are you thinking of renewing your marriage vows? If so, congratulations! A vow renewal ceremony is a lovely way to celebrate your love and recommit yourselves to each other. But before you start planning, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. A reaffirmation ceremony is not a second wedding, and there are significant differences between the two events. Here are some vow renewal planning tips to help make your ceremony as special and memorable as possible.

The Top 4 Vow Renewal Planning Tips

A vow renewal ceremony can be a very special and memorable event for a married couple. Whether you choose to renew your vows after five years of marriage or 50 years, there are ways to make your ceremony unforgettable. Here are four vow renewal planning tips to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

1. Choose a Meaningful Location for Your Reaffirmation Ceremony

Where you have your vow renewal ceremony is significant. For a truly memorable experience, select a location that means something to you and your spouse. That might be the venue where you got married, your backyard where you’ve raised your children over the years, or the place where you first met, first kissed, got engaged, or shared some other notable experience. The location you choose also depends on how many people you invite to the renewal, but it should be meaningful to you, nonetheless.

2. Pick an Officiant Who Knows You Both Well

A vow renewal ceremony is just that… a ceremony, which means there’s typically someone officiating the event. Unlike a wedding, a reaffirmation ceremony doesn’t have any legal implications, which means your officiant doesn’t need to be ordained. Asking a close friend, child, or family member to do the honors can add even more significance to the day.

3. Select Symbolic Acts to Solidify Your Recommitment

Now, you may be wondering, “What do you do at a vow renewal ceremony?” The events during the day typically include symbolic acts that reaffirm your love and dedication to one another. There are many options, such as exchanging rings, reading poetry or passages from literature, or even singing and dancing! Nevertheless, all couples read vows (hence the name), including the same vows from their wedding, new vows, or a combination of both. As your love has changed over the years, you may have new things to promise one another for your future.

4. Hire a Professional Photographer to Capture the Event

While you don’t need all of the wedding vendors you had for your wedding, you should hire a professional photographer for your vow renewal. This is a significant celebration that you’ll want to look back on and remember for years to come. If you were pleased with your wedding photos, consider hiring the same photographer to capture your reaffirmation ceremony!

The Difference Between an Onsite Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Planner

What is the Proper Etiquette for a Vow Renewal?

There are no set-in-stone rules of what you can and cannot do at a reaffirmation ceremony. However, here are some typical ways couples approach the event.

  1. This isn’t a wedding, so you don’t need to wear a wedding dress, have a wedding party, or do any wedding traditions like the father-daughter dance, etc. However, it is nice to dress up or choose a theme for your outfits to match.
  2. Although not a wedding, you do want the ceremony to be beautiful, which is why many couples opt to decorate with floral arrangements and even carry a bouquet. The flowers add a nice touch to reaffirmation ceremony photos as well.
  3. Some vow renewal ceremonies are intimate with no guests, while others include close friends, family, and children. However, it is important to keep the guest list to a minimum; not everyone you know needs to be invited.
  4. After your vow renewal, it is nice to have a small reception to continue the celebration with loved ones. While you don’t need another seven-tiered wedding cake, and you shouldn’t expect gifts, you can share a meal or refreshments together, make toasts, and enjoy the moment.

When Should You Start Planning a Reaffirmation Ceremony?

Planning a vow renewal ceremony isn’t something you want to rush. This is a momentous occasion that marks a significant milestone in your marriage. There are also decisions to be made about the venue, decorations, catering, and the overall event schedule. You’ll also need to send invitations to guests in advance, so they have ample time to plan to attend. Because of all that needs to happen ahead of time, it’s best to give yourself 8 to 12 months to plan your reaffirmation ceremony.

Vow Renewal Planning with SPC Weddings & Events

If you want to plan a simple yet meaningful reaffirmation ceremony, we can help! SPC Wedding & Event Mgt has years of experience helping couples reaffirm their commitment to one another. We offer a variety of vow renewal planning services that will make your day special and memorable. Reach out to us today for more information!