Are you wondering about the best state for a winter wedding? If so, wonder no longer. It’s TEXAS! Dive into all the reasons why planning a Texas winter wedding will be one of the best decisions you make for your big celebration.

Answers to All Your Questions About a Texas Winter Wedding

Having a winter wedding in Texas may sound like a foreign idea to some, but it is truly one of the most beautiful times to get married in the state. While you may be concerned about the temperatures during the winter season in Texas or how to keep your guests warm, there’s no need to fret. We have the answers to all your frequently asked questions about having a Texas winter wedding right here.

What is the Texas Wedding Season?

While most states are notorious for their summer wedding seasons, the Texas wedding season occurs in the spring and fall. With the sweltering summers making outdoor wedding venues less desirable, the other seasons throughout the year are much more suitable for weddings. In fact, the winter season in Texas is one of the best times to have a wedding.

What is the Best Month for a Winter Wedding in Texas?

It depends! While the winter season in Texas is pretty mild, there are cooler temperatures in January and February, with a bit warmer weather in November and December. Here is a quick overview of the temperature highs and lows through the winter season in Texas:

  • November: average high of 65, average low of 43
  • December: average high of 63, average low of 41
  • January: average high of 58, average low of 36
  • February: average high of 61, average low of 37

Is it Cheaper to Have a Wedding in Winter?

Yes! Most couples get married in Texas in the spring or fall since that is the peak wedding season. That said, planning a Texas winter wedding will usually give way to more venue and vendor availability. In addition to more availability, many vendors and venues offer discounted rates and services during the winter season in Texas since those are some of their slower months. So not only would a winter wedding in Texas provide more options when choosing your location and amenities, but it could also save you a bit of money.

5 Tips for Planning a Cozy Winter Wedding in Texas

While Texas is known for its hot summers, the state also has a few beautiful winter months. If you’re planning a winter wedding in Texas, here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your big day runs smoothly.

1. Prioritize Warm and Cozy Vibes

The winter months can get chilly in Texas. Make sure to have plenty of blankets for your guests during your Texas winter wedding. Also, consider renting a space heater or choosing a venue that has fireplaces available. Not only will this help keep your guests warm, but it will add a romantic ambiance to the day. When it comes to your guests, don’t forget the little details like hand warmers and candles to prioritize those warm and cozy vibes.

2. Make it Festive

Take advantage of the festive atmosphere that comes with wintertime by incorporating holiday-themed decorations into your wedding decor. This doesn’t have to be tacky! There are tasteful ways to include elements of the winter season in Texas into your big day, whether through color choices or little additions to your decorations. Either way, leaning into the season is a great way to elevate your winter wedding in Texas.

3. Serve Comfort Foods

The winter season in Texas can be a bit cold, especially if you have an outdoor wedding. Serving warm, comfort foods is a great way to keep it cozy despite the weather. Providing your guests with drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, can help warm them up after an outdoor ceremony. For your meal, consider adding comfort foods like soups or macaroni and cheese to embrace that warm, southern hospitality.

4. Dress for the Weather

A Texas winter wedding provides an excellent opportunity to dress for the occasion! Your wedding party can wear cozy yet stylish winter clothing as they stand beside you on your big day. Fur shawls or wraps for the ladies and wool jackets or coats for the men are great options. As for yourself and your partner, don’t be afraid to go all out and lean into the winter season in Texas with your outfits! This kind of style makes for great wedding photos.

5. Choose an Indoor-Outdoor Venue

While the winter season in Texas isn’t too terribly cold, it may be nice to have an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception as the temperatures drop in the evening. That way, you and your guests can get cozy and relax as toasts are being made and dinner is being served. A winter wedding in Texas can be an incredible event if you plan accordingly and prepare for ways to keep everybody warm throughout the day.

Plan Your Dream Winter Wedding in Texas with SPC

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