For many multicultural couples, planning a wedding entail more than choosing the perfect theme or color scheme. In the end, a multicultural wedding brings together two communities in addition to two people.

The conversation becomes cross-cultural if you and your partner come from different cultures and share respect and affection for each other’s traditions and customs.

However, the stress associated with wedding planning is something that couples constantly seek to reduce. Add the layer of incorporating varied details and customs, and it’ll send any betrothed couple in a tizzy. One of the best methods to feel at ease and assured during the process is to hire a professional wedding planner.

SPC Event Management is your go-to wedding planner in Texas. Our experienced and talented wedding planners coordinate all marriage-related details, and they ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day.

Planning Cross-Cultural Ceremonies

Here are some of the many exclusive responsibilities they’ll take on to make your multicultural wedding a memorable one:

  • 1. Creativity in Wedding Favors

When planning a cross-cultural wedding, having favors that speak to or reflect your culture is a terrific addition. Culturally significant wedding favors are an exciting and pleasing approach to personalize your big day.

  • 2. Fusion Food

There’s a lot you can say about a culture through its food. While some foods are better known, introducing either side to a more extensive palette is a welcoming way to show the roots of your culture.

Let your food and beverage choices spread a delicious cheer to spoil your guests with the best of both worlds. Have a special buffet that includes them to commemorate the uniqueness of your traditions via the love of food. Don’t skip out on your country’s authentic cuisines.

You can even elevate the unifying experience with the services of a fusion food chef who will prepare a menu curated with your childhood favorites. Your wedding planner will surely know of caterers and private chefs in the area who can oblige!

  • 3. Blend Rituals

Double up on the festivities and fun by incorporating the traditional formalities of both cultures. Many celebrity weddings have shown how intertwining faiths can create a magical experience for both the couple and the guests.

Various cultures have different wedding traditions and distinct ways of conducting wedding ceremonies. Try holding your wedding ceremony in each of these practices to preserve the authenticity of both traditions. Alternatively, you can include certain traits in a single ceremony and still reap the benefits of a multicultural experience. Engaging the services of a capable wedding planner like us will help you narrow down the technical details to a satisfactory result.

  • 4. Hand Out a Glossary of Tradition and Terms

We often find ourselves lost in the significance of rituals or translating chants and language to understand the ceremonies better. Moreover, some cultures, like a Hindu wedding, can have multiple occasions that signify momentous beginnings for the bride and groom. Make sure your guests are as much a part of your wedding festivities as you and your family if you intend to combine the extravagance of your cultures.

Your wedding planner will help create a unique guide for your guests that describes all the traditions and practices you will be upholding so that everyone can understand the significance of the rites. Include explanations of the meals you’re serving to add to the authentic experience of both sides.

Religious Symbolisms to Include

Cultures and religious faiths have their unique wedding traditions. Their symbolism reflects the different religious outlooks and embodies a representation of their bond and trust in each other.

At SPC Event Management, we’re mindful of these traditions and can seamlessly incorporate these symbols into the various ceremonies of a multicultural wedding.

While most customs are better known, there are some prominent religious symbols you might need to be aware of. Here are a few you must include as an homage to your faiths and allegiance to each other:


Most faiths have the bride concealed behind a veil. The idea is to protect the bride from the evil eye until the ceremony is complete. But some cultures see it as a mark of modesty too. Mostly, brides reveal their faces at the time of the nuptials, while some keep their faces covered throughout. The parent or her bridesmaids accompany the bride to ensure she can be escorted without tripping while staying veiled.

If your faith doesn’t warrant you to don one, but your partner’s does, you can include a sheer one to please the sentiments. For instance, certain Indian traditions require a bride to have her head and face concealed throughout the ceremony. If you’re not accustomed to wearing one, place a lace scarf to avoid feeling claustrophobic, while being respectful of the tradition.

Sharing Food or A Drink

Post the ceremony, certain cultures include a ceremonial cup of drink or a plate of food to share to mark the beginnings of the couple’s life in togetherness. It’s believed that consuming each other’s tasted food encourages their love to grow.

French custom entails the couple drinking a toast from a two-handled cup which connotes the ‘cup of life.’ The vessel is then handed down as an heirloom for the following generations. Usually, this is done with wine, but if one of the two cultures does not permit the consumption of alcohol, you can always replace it with water or a mocktail of choice.

Ceremonial Canopy

Some customs entail the bride or couple entering under a canopy or getting married under one. For modern Indian brides, a canopy of flowers marks her auspicious foray into her new life, where each of her brothers holds up the canopy as protective bearers of their sister.

Jewish ceremonies take place under a silk or velvet canopy, better known as a ‘huppah.’ It represents the home the couple’s creating and implies the sacred union under a blessed veil. If the two faiths are entwining, we can represent the two customs without splurging on individual components.

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